Becoming a Lighthouse Builder

Last Saturday, I went to the Zeal Center for a Community Energy Healing Share. Local energy healing practitioners came together to offer donation-based energy work for the community. I was so happy to host.

I had forgotten my laptop at home and headed out to my car to run back and get it when I noticed something written in the dirt on the side of my car.

F U.

“Wow”, I said out loud, as I thought about what was coming up for me.

First, I felt personally hurt. Why would someone do this? Is it someone that I know?

Second, I felt sad. It’s sad that our world feels so hurt that we want to hurt others.

Third, I felt inspired. I am a lighthouse and I’m here to help others build their own lighthouse.

I have been through this exact series of emotions many times before and through this experience, I fully realized one of my strengths - When I have an awful/bad/sad experience, I turn it around to make a really great experience for someone else.

This time, I reaffirmed my mission. I want to offer the tools that I’ve learned to make others feel empowered and wonderful about themselves. But I don’t want to be the only gathering point. I want to be a lighthouse builder.

Those empowered people have brilliant and beautiful lights of their own to shine that look much different than mine. We need all the lights of every color, shape and size. I want to be the helping hand, the volunteer and the friend that helps them build their lighthouse. One lighthouse is not enough. What if we had 10? 50? 2000? Once those people know how to build the lighthouse, they can help another and another to build their lighthouses. We could have a whole world of beautiful lighthouses shining their lights out into the world.

That moment standing next to my car was a reminder that this work that we’re doing together, helping each other build lighthouses, is so incredibly important.

I’m here to be a lighthouse builder. Are you?

Big Love, Mackenzie