Reflections, Intentions and Mantras for 2017

Originally posted January 18, 2017


Here I find myself in a new year with new intentions and lots of reflection.

2016 was the year that I gave myself permission to live. I began 2016 with the statement: The Year of Doing. It meant so much more than just "doing".

I had been "doing" my whole life, but what was I doing? The majority of my life before 2016, I felt like I was living in the made-up rules that I had created for myself. Rules that didn't make sense for who I AM but rules that I had learned through others. They weren't MY rules and they were (I was) holding me back. At the beginning of the year, I said, "No more" and threw the rule book out the window as I cruised off into a new chapter.

What I allowed myself in 2016 was more yes-ing and less no-ing (unless I felt like no-ing), more friend time, more intuition, more learning, more exploring, more discovering, more traveling, more holy-crap-what-am-I-doing-but-this-is-amazing(ing), more loving and more openness.

Because of the permission that I gave myself, 2016 was FREAKING AWESOME. I did more things that felt truly like ME than ever before. I felt fulfilled. I felt loved. I felt open. I felt heard. I felt free. I felt true to myself and my desires. Hot damn.

I don't intend to stop "doing" now that 2016 has ended. It was merely a springboard for my future of doing; a challenge to push myself into new and exciting things that I had always wanted to do, but never gave myself permission to do for  ______  reason.

This life lesson isn't halting because a number changed, it's transforming, expanding, changing, evolving, like we all do.

In December 2016, I began chatting with my friend about what my new statement would be since I liked this model so much. Instead of the one specific goal (that I would only do until January 16th) I had created a statement that stuck and was general enough to expand over many areas of my life. So, how was I going to expand this? Create a new statement that would have equal affect but build upon the work done this past year.

Then, my dear friend presented a new model.

There would be a statement or goal, just like previously. In addition to the statement, there would be a mantra - something to be said to remind oneself of the action that would continue. And from that mantra, there would be smaller goals that would layout over the 12 months.

For example:

Statement: The Year of Doing

Mantra: "I, and only I, choose my own actions and have the choice to do as I please freely."

Smaller Goals: Do go out of your comfort zone, Do from the heart, Do trust yourself, Do listen, Do love, Do be open to fail, Do jump

There's a lot of planning that's already in the works for this next year, so this month-to-month model is really working for my brain space right now. Laying it out in a tangible format so as not to get too jumbled in my head feels excellent. That being said, I've begun a list of smaller goals and don't plan to pick which month they go into until I get to the beginning of that month. I trust that I will understand what I need at that time.

So, what's my New Year's Statement and Mantra?

This is the Year of Leaping and my mantra is "Dare Greatly".

I've been feeling great about the Year of Doing but it's time to take that one step further. I feel like I've got the foundation under me to do some serious leaping this year, this blog being one thing as well as a list of many other things. I'm ready to toss my papers into the air and say, "LET'S DO THIS."

In true New Year fashion, this first month for me is about cleansing and I've set a smaller goal of Greatly Letting Go - emotionally, physically, mentally, old ideals that don't work, judgements, behaviors, plants that I tried to nurse back but have been long dead, pressure from myself or others, perfection, anything that is holding me back. Whenever something pops up, I say to myself:

"Let that shit go. It served it's purpose, let it be free. Let yourself be free of it."

So far, I feel a little lighter in my personal life than I did in December. There's still work to do here, but it's moving and keeping this small goal in the front of my mind is helping me cope with anything that isn't working.

And when talking to myself isn't working at all, I go back to the breathe because breathe and fear cannot live in the same place. They are TERRIBLE roommates.

Big Love,