Almost Mint Mojito: the Perfect Cooling Summer Sip


We finally made it! It’s summer! And with this beautiful summer sun, comes the heat.

Am I complaining? Absolutely not.

Would I like to cool down? Yes please!

In my attempts to cool off, I usually turn to my good friend, Mint. Mint is a wonderful herb that helps the body cool down based on nerve detectors in our bodies.

Anwesha Ghosh, PhD student in Biology, University of Rochester writes on The Conversation:

Nerves are the wiring of the brain, carrying information in the form of electric currents. Our nervous system is built to sense changes in temperatures – a whole set of nerves running from our skin to the brain is dedicated to conveying just that information. The receptor protein that senses the change in temperature is called TRPM8 and it is found in all cold-sensing nerve cells.

As the mouth cools, TRPM8 changes shape and allows calcium ions to flow, triggering the receptors in the brain that makes your body feel the sensation of being cool.

With this rockstar herb, my cooling off efforts have prevailed even in the depths of the heat and humidity.

What kicks it up a notch? Seltzer water and lime. A virgin (or non-virgin if you’d like), mojito-like drink that’s perfect for cooling down on a sunny summer day.


  • Fresh mint or mint essential oil

  • Half a lime

  • Your favorite seltzer water, flavored or plain

  • Ice

The How-to:

  1. Crush up the mint leaves in your hands by rolling them or use a muddler.

  2. Squeeze half a lime or less in the glass.

  3. Add some ice.

  4. Pour over your favorite seltzer and enjoy!


Do you have a favorite summer drink? Comment below!

Cool Off with the Almost Mint Mojito.png