Loving Myself Through Little Actions


I was cooking dinner one night, throwing together foods in the pan as it sizzled in a way that felt a little annoyed. Cooking dinner again… UGH.

It’s not that I don’t like cooking. It’s fun to me. It’s just a constant and in this moment, I was feeling like it was one more thing that I HAD to do.

While I stirred, I started playing with this perspective with curiosity.

How would I cook this for someone that I loved?

Would I feel happy to be cooking and sharing love through food?

Would I plate the food differently?

Would I be dancing in the kitchen feeling joyful and laughing?

Would I be THIS ANNOYED that I was cooking again?

As I continued to cook, I made a promise to myself - I will do little things, take extra care and have some fun showing that same love to myself.

It might not be every day. I might forget and then come back to it again. But I will make an effort to love myself more in the precious little moments.

The interesting thing is that when I practice this promise, I feel that little flutter of love as I sit down to eat a plate that has been creatively put together, as a walk into a room that has been cleaned just for me and as I take the extra time to just be with myself. It’s really quite remarkable.

Sending Big Love ~ Mackenzie

What are the ways that you are showing yourself love? Comment below!

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