Power Animals

Mackenzie and a spider monkey in Peru.

Mackenzie and a spider monkey in Peru.

For the past 9+ years, I have worked with Power Animals as guides and allies. There have been moments when they confirmed something that I may have already been feeling, when they brought me a sense of ease and peace or brought deeper awareness or inquiry to my life.

Working with Power Animals (both wild and domestic) has been a big piece of my spiritual practice over the years and has brought me into a deeper respect for their characteristics, personalities and offerings.

Just recently, I was wondering aloud if I should drive 4 hours to a friend’s house for a weekend away and a hummingbird showed up and flew around the area. The hummingbird fluttered around in mid air, almost seeming to speak to me and answer my question. Hummingbirds, the teeniest of birds, migrate 3,000 miles twice a year across the Gulf of Mexico and they are constantly in search of sweetness, the nectar that they draw from flowers. I knew that I would only find sweetness if I took this much shorter migration and what a sweet and important weekend it was for me!

** I will note that the following information is how I have worked with or learned about Power Animals in my own life. Your experiences will probably look different than mine and you may draw different conclusions than I do. That’s great! We all have our own perspectives to offer and each are wonderful and unique.

What is a power animal?

A Power Animal is an ally or guide that you connect to or that shows up in your life to help you in some way. They can be wild or domestic, winged, two-legged, four-legged, finned, crawling, scaled or other. They can come in person, in meditations, in dreams or you might be attracted to a certain animal instinctually.

You might always have felt connected to lions even though you’ve never seen one in person. You might see cardinals all the time or they come knocking at your window every other week. You might be having dreams about bears. These are all Power Animals.

Why do we work with Power animals?

We can work with power animals in a variety of ways.

Power Animals can provide support and peace in times of discomfort.

Power Animals can offer their characteristics as traits to bring into your own life.

Power Animals can be reminders that loved ones that have transitioned to the Spirit World are still with us.

Power Animals can provide confirmation to questions that we are struggling with.

There are so many ways and reasons that we can work with power animals - you may have other reasons to add!

I have worked with Hawk for the longest in my small group of Power Animal allies. Hawk started showing up right after my Grandfather passed away and I associate Hawk with him to this day.

When I would drive 6 hours from college back home, I would see at least 10 hawks flying across the highway during my drive. It was like they were clearing the way for a safe journey and I always made sure to say hi to my Grandfather every time I saw them and thank Hawk for showing up.

Around a year later, my Grandmother was preparing to transition to the Spirit World and I was trying to get back home from college to say my goodbyes. I was running to my car, quite frantically and worried that I might not make it before she left. I looked up to find Hawk circling, which immediately slowed me down. I continued to watch and another Hawk joined the first one. In that moment, I knew that while I was sad that my Grandmother’s physical body would be leaving this world, she would now be with my Grandfather. A sense of peace washed over me and I felt much more calm about her transition.

Hawk has also showed up for some funny moments in my life. I was driving and listening to a podcast about Power Animals. They talked about how to find your Power Animal and spoke about meditating on asking for a Power Animal to call them in. I started thinking outloud, Hmm… I’ve never actually “called in” Hawk. Maybe it’s not my Power Animal…?

Mackenzie’s sweet pup and ally, Peaches.

Mackenzie’s sweet pup and ally, Peaches.

Before I could even FINISH the sentence, I looked up and on a telephone pole that was two feet away from the highway was a hawk looking directly at my car as I passed by. I laughed so hard, apologized and said Whoops!! Yes, you are my Power Animal! Thank you!

While these are all experiences that have had an impact on my life, you might notice animals in a very different way in your own life. You might have a profound connection with your domestic dog that feels deep and loving to you. Begin to take notice of the animals in and around your life and see what begins to make sense for you. (Hint: there’s no wrong answer!)

How Do I find my power animal?

There are multiple ways to find and connect with your Power Animal. I’ve listed below a few ways that I have used.

opening up awareness

The first way that I began to connect with my Power Animals was by opening up my awareness. I started noticing what was around me and more specifically, who was around me.

Some days I saw animals and they just seemed like they were going about their daily lives. Some days I saw animals that connected with me in some way or I continued to see those animals multiple times in a shorter period of time.

Begin to notice who’s around and how these animals feel or relate to your current life.


Meditation can be a wonderful way to call in Power Animals. As you sit, ask for your Power Animal to show itself to you. It might show in that moment, it might show itself over time in person or in a dream. Continue to use this question within your meditation practice and open yourself up to whatever might show up.

Shamanic Journey

A shamanic journey is a way to connect with your Power Animal. A journey brings you deeper into a subconscious state and allows space for your Power Animal to reveal itself to you.

I offer shamanic journeys during Power Animal Workshops or private sessions with clients. If you’d like to schedule a private appointment, you can do so here.

Oracle cards

Oracle cards are a wonderful way to work with a number of different Power Animals. I love working with oracle cards to ask specific questions about my current life situation.

Through the cards, I can ask a more general question, What do I need to know today? or get much more specific, How can I move through this situation with my friend?

Typically these decks have a small book with an explanation of each card. I love the books and ALSO consider taking a moment to consult your own intuitions about the animal before reading the description.

Below are some of my favorite decks:

Click on the images above to purchase on Amazon. I get a small commission as an affiliate.


Click on the image above to purchase on Amazon. I get a small commission as an affiliate.

My favorite book to reference is

This is a book I reference often. Also, this is Ted Andrews experience. Before you search, notice what you are feeling with this Power Animal and you may draw different conclusions. Once again, your conclusions are not wrong if they are different :)


Spiritanimal.info is a cool website that has quite a bit of info on different animals. I haven’t looked too much on this site, but it looks full of good information!

Don’t Forget Gratitude

Power Animals come into our lives to help us, to be supports and to offer compassion. Remember to give thanks to them, with a spoken thank you or however you see fit.

With Big Love ~ Mackenzie

Do you have a Power Animal that you work with or a story to share? Comment below!

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