Energy Healing

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1 hour Session - $60

Mackenzie is trained in Reiki I&II and Peruvian Shamanism through The Jaguar Path.

Dealing with stress, old traumas, wishing to release or to embrace relationships more, or feel like you’re blocked and can’t move forward? Mackenzie is now offering energy healing appointments to assist clients in moving energy through and out the body.

You can only offer goodness from your well if your well is full. You cannot offer from an empty well. 

How can I be more present, feel better in my body, feel strong, healthy and relaxed?

Through my journey to discover what wellness feels like to my body, I came to energy work. By working with my energy body, I’ve been able to reduce my stress and anxiety, greatly build my self-confidence, strengthen my relationships and release old ones that still triggered me and feel FREE of old triggers, energy blocks, physical and emotional pain in my body. I’m able to feel more present and available to myself and those that I love. This work has shifted my life in so many ways in such a short time period. - Mackenzie

Reviews of working with Mackenzie:

For over 10 years, I’ve been working on releasing relationships that no longer serve my highest good. I’ve always looked at a relationship challenge like an onion; things that go unresolved begin to layer. The size of the onion differs for each person. I know I’ve been able to shed some of the layers on my own over the years and yet, I knew there was still more that needed releasing. Working with Mackenzie, I was finally able to get to the center of that onion. Together we discovered what was at the root and then she worked her magic to assist me in letting go. My inner being is so light and with each session I’m getting closer to my true self.
— Mary