Kind Words


A huge thank you and big love to every person who walks through our door.

Below are a few kind words shared by our students. 


If you have kind words to share, please feel free to send them here!

After landing in the hospital Christmas 2017, I realized that it was time for me to start taking care of ME. I saw that The Zeal Center for Learning had recently opened and was offering yoga. I loved it from the very first class! Core strength and balance continue to be my goals. For me, it’s not just the poses, it’s the mantra of observing myself without judgment and learning to accept what I CAN DO TODAY. And that feels good!
— Belinda
I had constant back pain and when I went to see my neurologist, he suggested a MRI. While waiting for insurance approval, I continued with chair yoga. I returned to the doctor with no pain. His assessment was that chair yoga fixed the issue and suggested that I continue with chair yoga.
— Anonymous
As we get older, we think there is no exercise we can do. I was wrong. I took a chance and tried The Zeal Center. First class was great. I’ve been coming to classes ever since. I feel that my body has changed and gotten stronger. The instructors are great and so are all the ladies I’ve met.
— Joanie
I started doing yoga at The Zeal Center last October when they opened. I quickly fell in love with it!! The instructors have a knack for making everyone feel comfortable in their own bodies and with their individual abilities. I know that I personally have gained strength, flexibility and balance. Today, I am more confident and comfortable with my own body and it’s ability to do poses, to move through my environment and daily life with much more awareness. I look forward to continuing my practice and seeing how far I can go, as I challenge myself to age as actively and healthfully as I can. Kudos to Mackenzie and Julie for bringing The Zeal Center to our community!
— Traci Buys